Authentic Italian Biscotti & Butter Toffee
NYS Sheep & Wool Festival ~ Sat/Sun October 21st & 22nd ~ Rhinebeck, New York


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The best biscotti's I've ever had!!

I'm so glad that I came across Bella's as I was shopping at the Fly Creek Cider Mill. They are the best Biscotti I have ever tasted. I had the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bella’s Biscotti shelf life?
Our biscotti  has an incredible shelf life.  They are naturally preserved in the baking process.  No added preservatives, EVER!  They will last for several months stored in your pantry or right on your counter top...if they make it that long!  They also freeze beautifully!
When can I order for Christmas delivery?
You can order today!  When ordering on our Website or by phone, you can request a delivery date.  Just let us know when you would like your packages to arrive at their destination!
When is the last day I can order for Christmas delivery?
You can order up to Monday, December 19th for regular shipping, or Wednesday, December 21st for express shipping.