Payment Methods

When ordering online from Bella’s Home-Baked Goods, we accept credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) and PayPal, an easy, safe, and no-hassle way to pay online. You can also order by phone at (845) 691-7197. When placing an order with check or money order, payment must be received before your order is processed.

Discounts, Sales, and Coupons

Unless otherwise specified, all sales, discounts, and coupons exclude Biscotti of the Month and Gift Certificates. Product sale prices, product discounts, order discounts, and coupons may not be used for corporate gifts or wholesale orders. Coupons and sales are valid on the specified date(s) only and may not be applied retroactively to prior purchases. All coupons must be applied during the checkout process and are not applicable to orders which have been submitted for processing.  Bella’s Home-Baked Goods reserves the right to accept, decline, or limit the quantity or types of coupons and/or discounts used per transaction and/or per customer.

Do you make all of this?

Yes! All of our products are made from scratch, locally in the Hudson Valley, in our small but BUSY bakery by our hardworking team! We make sure to use the highest quality ingredients we can source.

What is Bella’s biscotti shelf life?

Our biscotti has an incredible shelf life. They are naturally preserved in the baking process. No added preservatives, EVER! They will last for several months stored in your pantry or right on your counter top…if they make it that long! They also freeze beautifully!

What are Nibble Bags?

Waste not, want not! Our nibble bags are our broken pieces and ends of our loaves that we offer at a discount!  They are still the same product as our regular,  sugar free, and gluten free flavors of delicious biscotti, just irregular bite sized!  And remember, because they are broken, the calories fall out!

Are you a Gluten Free facility?

Although we do produce Gluten Free products, we are not a gluten free bakery. We do take extreme measures to be sure there is no cross contamination.  We make a whole day dedicated to baking ONLY gluten free products. Those with Celiac Disease and other gluten intolerant allergies should take caution with consuming Bella’s Home-Baked Goods Gluten Free products.

What is Isomalt (used in our Sugar Free Biscotti)?

Isomalt is a low-calorie sucrose-based sugar substitute derived from beet sugar. It has little to no impact on blood sugar levels and does not stimulate the release of insulin. It also does not promote tooth decay, i.e. is tooth-friendly. Isomalt is used primarily for its sugar-like physical properties.

How many Weight Watchers® points is your biscotti?

For a 1 ounce serving size of our regular biscotti (about 2 of our biscotti minis or 1/3 of a jumbo single biscotti), it is 5 SmartPoints or 3 Points Plus. For our Sugar Free Biscotti, the same serving size is 3SP or 1PP.

How many carbs are in Bella’s Sugar Free Butter Toffee?

There are only 2 net carbs and only 97 calories in 1 ounce serving of our delicious Sugar free toffee!

Why don’t you have the Gingered Harvest, Pineapple Coconut or Peppermint Stick Biscotti available?

These Bella’s biscotti flavors are seasonal.  They are only available for a limited time, so get them while you can and as noted above, they freeze beautifully!  Pineapple Coconut Biscotti is available March through August, Gingered Harvest Biscotti is available September through December and Peppermint Stick Biscotti is available from October through January.


Order Processing

Here at Bella’s we do recognize you want to start eating your goodies as soon as you can! Rest-assured, we make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible. For those times our goodies are selling faster than we can roll our biscotti, please allow up to 48 hours for your order to be processed prior to shipping.

Orders are subject to change, depending upon product availability.

Shipping Methods

Our products are carefully packaged and shipped Priority Mail (2-3 business days transit time) via the U.S. Postal Service.

If you require Express delivery, additional charges apply.

Can I ship to multiple recipients in the same order?

We do not offer this option at this time. If you need to ship gifts to multiple recipients, please place a separate order for each shipping address.

For details about Bella’s Loyalty Rewards Program, please visit the Loyalty Rewards Program FAQ.

Can I request a delivery date?

Yes. At checkout, you may request a delivery date for your order. While will make every attempt to ensure that your order is delivered on the requested date, delivery dates are NOT guaranteed.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We do not provide gift wrapping services, however we are able to provide a custom ribbon on some products. This option, if available, will be displayed on the product page.

Can I ship to multiple recipients in the same order?

We do not offer this option at this time. If you need to ship gifts to multiple recipients, please place a separate order for each shipping address.

Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.