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Bella's biscotti are so delish that I don't even bother to make them any longer. I love that she uses fine ingredients. I have been buying her products for years. Also love the cookie patch bars!!!!!
Bonnie J. Giglio-Colety - avatar Bonnie J. Giglio-Colety

We stopped at Bella's booth at the Country Living Fair in Rhineback, NY this past Saturday and bought a box of the Cranberry-Orange Biscotti. Our biggest regret is that we bought only one box!! So delicious! We will be ordering some online!
Joe and debi Lopes - avatar Joe and debi Lopes

I ordered the Gluten Free Blackout Brownies and they are amazing. Soft, fudgy, moist and absolutely delicious. They are the best brownies that I have ever had and have become my new favorite. You can't tell the difference between a regular brownies vs the Gluten Free. Bella's has perfected the Gluten Free brownie and my friends and family love them.
Bonnie J. Giglio-Colety - avatar Bonnie J. Giglio-Colety

All I can say is WOW! I was first introduced to Bella Biscotti when visiting Norwalk, CT. I LOVE Biscotti so everywhere I travel I like to try and find one that I have never had before. What a find when I discovered your salted caramel! SO SO delicious! I took the wrapper home with me so I could look you up online and order my own private stash. :-) Bella perfezione!
Sherron Bethune - avatar Sherron Bethune

This is good stuff but the layer of chocolate is so thin I could hardly taste it.
norm shearer - avatar norm shearer

Loved these Biscotti's at the Chester Craft Show, glad I can order them online.
Sue Spargo - avatar Sue Spargo

Yum!! You will not be disappointed with this salted caramel biscotti.
Ardith Zahorsky - avatar Ardith Zahorsky

I love the Cranberry-Orange. And if you want it just a little softer, 6 seconds on "Defrost" in the microwave does the trick. A fine product.
Gayle Levison - avatar Gayle Levison

I can't believe it's sugar free, and you won't either! Truly the best chocolate biscotti ever. Thanks for letting me have a special treat.
Barb Merlos - avatar Barb Merlos

It this simple. You must try these biscotti. The fun nibbles are such a good size and texture you can't go through the bag too quickly so you've got yummy treats to look forward to for days! The Chocolate Cherry are just so darn delicious!
Lin Frede-Tripicco - avatar Lin Frede-Tripicco

I discovered the Gluten Free cinnamon toast cookie bar at a local market in Stamford and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was! Being Italian and having to eat Gluten Free has been challenging! The baked goods and pastas never taste as good as the non-Gluten Free products and I'm often very disappointed. Yet, I was so happy to bite into the cinnamon toast cookie bar and experience how amazing the taste was! As a result, I went right to the website to find out what other Gluten Free products you have? I can't wait to try the other Gluten Free goodies! Thank you for finally making such delicious desserts for the Gluten Free community! I hope to find them in more local stores soon! :-)
Cheryl Ann D'Addato - avatar Cheryl Ann D'Addato

Marvelous! I do not drink coffee, but I can eat these just fine by themselves. Definitely an "I bet you can't eat just one." item.
Chrisine Dwyer - avatar Chrisine Dwyer

Yum is the only word I use to describe how the Garlic Parmesan Taralli taste. Very good with a little kick of pepper..
Elena Kessler - avatar Elena Kessler

Absolutely DELISH! I wish they carried this type at Adams in Poughkeepsie, but it is still nice to be able to order it. SO YUMMY!
Kara Baker - avatar Kara Baker

I love that you have sugar free biscotti for those of us who are diabetic. Thanks so much for caring about us.
Ann Miller - avatar Ann Miller

Absolutely delicious! We LOVE this wonderful biscotti with our daily tea!
Kara Baker - avatar Kara Baker

OMG. My friend gave me a box of this for Christmas...the BEST biscotti ever!!! I am now an addict. So now I joined WeightWatchers to lose 10lbs...last night I checked points...oly 3 per oz (2 cookies). I'll take 3 cases!
rebecca weirick - avatar rebecca weirick

As a diabetic, I find your chocolate biscotti a guilt free treat
Barbara Berliner - avatar Barbara Berliner

We open a box of the toffee--dark chocolate is our favorite--and watch the family inhale it. If I want to keep a piece for my husband and I to share at another time, I put the candy on a plate and hide the container. I've never met a soul who doesn't adore this treat or who can't eat at least two pieces. It's divine.
Jeanne Byington - avatar Jeanne Byington

I am a great baker and everyone raves about my cookies and biscotti's but I must tell you the anise biscotti and lemon pistachio blows us away. They are so good we can't stop eating them. My husband and son love your taralli, it is very hard to find a good one and yours are great.
Dianne Besso - avatar Dianne Besso

The cranberry-orange biscotti are deliciously delightful. All our friends are also of the same mind-absolutely marvelous.
Christine Dwyer - avatar Christine Dwyer

EXCELLENT COOKIE, Would never know it was sugar free, a must for someone with diabetes. Can't wait to try the other sugar free ones.
Jim ?? - avatar Jim ??